Susak Music Festival

1, Avgust - 3 Avgust 2018

Susak, Hrvatska

Susak Music Festival is a classical music event that takes place each year in Croatian the beautiful, small island of Susak in the north Adriatic sea. The Festival attracts some of the most respected classical musicians and dancers from around the world – and this summer we will be celebrating our 12thFestival!


Summer Spirit

1, Avgust

  • Claude Bolling

    Jazz Suite

    for flute and jazz piano trio

  • J.S.Bach

    Trio Sonata u C Duru BWV 529

    for guitar and accordion

  • Joaquin Rodrigo

    Concierto de‘Aranjuez, Adagio

    for guitar and accordion

  • Claude Bolling

    Picnic Suite

    for flute, guitar & jazz piano trio

All the Baroque

2, Avgust

  • J.S.Bach

    Air iz orkestarske svite br. 3

    for string quintet

  • Purcell

    When I am laid in earth

    for soprano, string quintet and basso continuo

  • J. Bajamont

    Quand on sait bien aimer

    for soprano, string quintet and basso continuo

  • G. F. Händel:

    Lascia ch’io pianga

    for soprano, string quintet, piano, and guitar

  • G. F. Händel

    Venti turbini

    for soprano, string quintet and basso continuo

  • A. Vivaldi

    La Notte, Op. 2, g-moll

    for flute and strings

  • A. Vivaldi

    Chamber sonata in g-moll

    for flute, oboe and bassoon

Far Away

3, Avgust

  • Elizabethan songs

    Anonymus: Oh death, rock me asleep

    Richard Nicholson: In a merry may morn

    Richard Nicholson: Cuckoo

    Richard Nicholson: No more, good herdsman, of thy song

    (string quintett and soprano

  • S. Prokoffief

    Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op 34

    for string quartet, clarinet, piano

  • Renato Rožić

    Kvartet Passion Christi

    for string quartet

  • G. Bizet


    for string quartet

  • Scarlatti, Chopin, Delibes, Verdi

    Miniatures for wind quartet (arr.)

    for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon


Minka Popović


Minka Popovic is currently Salzburg-based Serbian pianist. She enters the Music Academy in Belgrade aged sixteen and she finishes it in class of Prof. Nevena Popovic, with the title of the Best student of the generation 2004/2005. She entered the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg/Austria in 2008, where she finished her education (both bachelor and master) with the best grades, in class of Prof. Cordelia Höfer-Teutsch. She was studying with Prof. Eldar Nebolsin (at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin) as well.

Teodor Ganev

double bass

Teodor Ganev is born in 1972 in Pleven, Bulgaria. After he finished studies of double-bass in Sofia, he continued both with instrumental and history of art studies, at Salzburg University. Ganev worked in many international orchestras such as Durban Philharmonic Orchestra, Staatts Oper Munich, Wiener Philharmoniker, Landestheater Salzburg, Jeunesse musical Orchestra, a.o. under the guidance of conductors such as Kirill Petrenko, Ingo Metzmacher, Deniele Gatti, Isaac Karabtchevsky, Lavard Skou-Laarsen.

Furiant Kvartet

Different nationalities are to be found in this formation, with Nika being Slovenian and Mladen Serbian, Stefano coming from Italy and Vlad from Romania, it is altogether a very interesting cultural mixture and this is yet another proof that art and friendship have no borders. Their musical impulses have been enriched through lessons and cooperation with some of the greatest musicians of our time, such as Casals Quartet, William Coleman, Oliver Wille, Jürgen Kussmaul, Belcea Quartet, Rainer Schmidt, Donald Weilerstein, Gerhard Schulz, Heime Müller.

Nino Atanasković

NINO ATANASKOVIC (Rijeka, 1995) started his musical education at the age of 12 in his native Labin, and then continued in Pula in the class of prof. Domagoj Miskovic. In 2014 he was admitted to the Bachelor studies at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg in the class of Professor Eliot Fisk (Assistants, Kostas Tosidis, Cecilio Perrera) where he is currently in a fourth year of studies. Through his education he has had opportunities to work with eminent professors at various seminars and masterclasses (Pepe Romero, Carlo Marchione, Vittorio Ghielmi, Wenzel Fuchs, Laura Young, Petrit Ceku, Goran Krivokapić, Ana Vidović)

Neno Atanasković

NENO ATANASKOVIĆ (Pula, 1992) graduated from the Academy of Music at the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula, in the class of prof. Ivana Šverka , one of the most outstanding performers of classical accordion. He is the winner of the first and the second awards at international accordion competitions.

Dario Golčić

Dario Golcic studied oboe with Heinz Holliger and Christian Schmitt. He has won many oboe competitions in Croatia. As a soloist he has played with chamber orchestras from Freiburg, Heidelberg, Basel and Zagreb. He teaches the oboe at Zagreb Music Academy and plays solo oboe in the Croatian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Rea Cela

Rea Alaburić is a sopranist, born in 1987 in Zagreb (Croatia). She started her musical education in the music high-school „Pavao Markovac“ in Zagreb, first with piano, and later also with singing lessons. She continued her education at Music Academy in Zagreb, where she got her Bahcelor-degree in 2013, in the class of Prof. Snježana Bujanović – Stanislav

Tomaž Močilnik

Born in 1990, Tomaž Močilnik begun his musical career in his birthplace Slovenia. It is here that he found his calling for music before commencing studies in Austria at the Klagenfurt Conservatory with Hubert Salmhofer and Gratz Conservatory with Gerald Pachinger. Soon after completing his studies in 2014, Močilnik became a member of the Orchestra Academy of the Berlin State Opera conducted by the renowned Daniel Barenboim, where he had the privilege of expanding his orchestral repertoire under leading conductors and soloists alike.

Marko Župan

Marko Zupan was born in Zagorje, Slovenija. After the studies in his homeland he was granted a scholarship by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture to proceed his studies in Paris with prof. Pierre- Yves Artaud and later in Salzburg with prof. Irena Grafenauer. He perfected his knowledge in numerous masterclasses with world renowned flutists like Aurele Nicolet, Peter-Lukas Graf and Emmanuel Pahud. In this time he has won many prizes at the slovenian national competitions and also at the international music competitions (Trieste, Picardie, Belgrad, Braunschweig).


The Susak Festival started on this tiny, magical island 11 years ago as a spontaneous idea among a few friends and colleagues who enjoy performing music together. This unique Adriatic island, refreshed by the gentle summer night’s breeze, welcomes a friendly audience of music lovers – young and old – from far and wide for musical performances of international quality in July/August every year. We also run creative Workshops in Music and Dance for young people– with topics suggested by the participants themselves. We have kept our range of activities going over the years – but with minimal financial support.

Each year we present different types of ensembles such as string quartet or wind quintet, but also some rare or cross-over settings; playing music from Bach to Bolling, but also giving space to contemporary composers of today. We aim to continue bringing world-class artists to Susak Island, and to create a colourful repertoire attractive to everybody. To make our concerts and work-shops economically accessible to a wide range of listeners, especially the young, we don’t charge for tickets – all concerts and work-shops are completely free. The goal of the Festival is to present chamber music in this more grassroots way, reach in go out to people who may, perhaps, not be tuned in to the classical music world. And for the local community it’s marvellous to have great music performances available on their doorstep.